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Custom Orders Follow-up Date

We received a request from our valuable customers via our Support page about a custom feature (Order Follow-up Dates)

Order Follow-up Date feature allows to add custom dates for orders with date range filtering, searching and exporting functionalities.

Filter by follow-up date range.
Update order Follow-up Date

Order Details including Products and recognizing order changes in real time.

demo “Order Details”

You can add custom internal order notes (invisible to customer)

custom internal notes

New features available in version v1.0.1

Order Follow-up Date

Custom Internal orders notes

Table dark mode

Configurable ability to copy any table cell by just click

Increasing fetch range limit to 4000 orders per request

Orders Analytics Dashboard

Orders Analytics Dashboard allow users to filter, search their orders very fast and easily and export data in multiple formats such as csv, xml, json, xlsx.

It gives the ability to select or deselect specif columns, check bigcommerce customers notes, customers message and staff message instantly in the same page without need to open additional pages.

It gives the ability to select orders date range, dummy demo test data or real and unify the data currency in the default store currency.