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Orders Analytics Manages Stores With More Than +20,000 Orders / Per Month.
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  • BigCommerce Bulk Products Descriptions Replacer

    You can replace all products descriptions using only 1 click Setting the text that you want to replace it in the find input field, then add the new text thatContinue readingBigCommerce Bulk Products Descriptions Replacer

  • Integrate FedEx and ShipStation Into Orders Analytics Tracking System

    Configure APIs keys in the account page. You can use external tracking number, order ID/number. Tracking Page result using external tracking systems.

  • Orders Analytics Release V1.0.3

    New order details in Recent Purchase Notification – Shopper first name– Order products details Date range “Days” input – days up to today. – days starting today. Add New TrackingContinue readingOrders Analytics Release V1.0.3

  • Orders Analytics Release V1.0.2

    Ability to access BigCommerce orders from the application (button near each product in order details popup) Ability to hide empty dashboard columns. Dashboard columns Sequenceable Access orders’s products links onContinue readingOrders Analytics Release V1.0.2

  • BigCommerce Order Location of Purchaser Analytics

    Some stores owners want to have data on where the order was placed (country) owner would like to track where their orders are coming from, especially legislation changes and newContinue readingBigCommerce Order Location of Purchaser Analytics

  • Add Tracking Orders Page To BigCommerce

    BigCommerce allow users to track their orders using order id # on their account page The problem is customer must be logged in to see their order status Using OrdersContinue readingAdd Tracking Orders Page To BigCommerce