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OrdersAnalytics Changelogs.

v1.0.4Filter Orders By Customer Groups
Revenue Breakdown (display income minus shipping and discounts)
Duration since (order completed) field within the returns request, allow for merchants to reject any returns that fall outside of a company return policy
June 2022v1.0.3– New order details in Recent Purchase Notification
– Date range “Days” input
– Add New Tracking Page Tab Title Configuration
– Quick access To Tracking and Store Pages
– Improve Tracking Page UI (Tracking page become more dynamic and Store Theme colors friendly and store style depend-less.)
June 2022v1.0.2– Ability to access BigCommerce orders from the application
– Ability to hide empty dashboard columns
– Dashboard columns Sequenceable
– Access orders’s products links on BigCommerce
– Filter By Order Status
– Orders Custom Fields Activity Timestamp & Old changes logs
May 2022v1.0.1Custom Order Follow-up Date with searching and exporting functionalities.
– Order Details including Products
– Order Details recognizing order changes in real time
– Performance enhancements
– Bugs fixes
May 2022v1.0.0-beta– Single store basis support
– BigCommerce support
– Multi users support. (store owner & staff)
– Public orders tracking system (“customer orders” supported only)
– Recent purchase notification system (customization: text, border, bg color, total price and country flags)
– Export (JSON, CSV, XML, and XLSX)