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Orders Analytics Release V1.0.3

New order details in Recent Purchase Notification

– Shopper first name
– Order products details

Date range “Days” input

– days up to today.

– days starting today.

Add New Tracking Page Tab Title Configuration

Quick access To Tracking and Store Pages

Improve Tracking Page UI

Tracking page become more dynamic and Store Theme colors friendly and store style depend-less.

Orders Analytics Release V1.0.2

Ability to access BigCommerce orders from the application

(button near each product in order details popup)

Ability to hide empty dashboard columns.

(in columns menu section)

Dashboard columns Sequenceable

Access orders’s products links on BigCommerce.

Filter By Order Status

New advanced orders filtration via “Multiple Status” feature added to ease the process of managing orders.

Orders Status Filteration

Orders Custom Fields Activity Timestamp & Old changes logs

– Internal staff notes

– Follow-up date

– Tracking notes