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BigCommerce Bulk Products Descriptions Replacer

You can replace all products descriptions using only 1 click

Setting the text that you want to replace it in the find input field,

then add the new text that will be used in replace input field.

Inputs can be plain text or HTML

products bulk description replacer


Description: “aBc product is good.”
Find: “ABC”
Replace: “Coffee”

Result will be => “Coffee product is good.”

Orders Analytics Release V1.0.3

New order details in Recent Purchase Notification

– Shopper first name
– Order products details

Date range “Days” input

– days up to today.

– days starting today.

Add New Tracking Page Tab Title Configuration

Quick access To Tracking and Store Pages

Improve Tracking Page UI

Tracking page become more dynamic and Store Theme colors friendly and store style depend-less.

Orders Analytics Release V1.0.2

Ability to access BigCommerce orders from the application

(button near each product in order details popup)

Ability to hide empty dashboard columns.

(in columns menu section)

Dashboard columns Sequenceable

Access orders’s products links on BigCommerce.

Filter By Order Status

New advanced orders filtration via “Multiple Status” feature added to ease the process of managing orders.

Orders Status Filteration

Orders Custom Fields Activity Timestamp & Old changes logs

– Internal staff notes

– Follow-up date

– Tracking notes

Custom Orders Follow-up Date

We received a request from our valuable customers via our Support page about a custom feature (Order Follow-up Dates)

Order Follow-up Date feature allows to add custom dates for orders with date range filtering, searching and exporting functionalities.

Filter by follow-up date range.
Update order Follow-up Date

Order Details including Products and recognizing order changes in real time.

demo “Order Details”

You can add custom internal order notes (invisible to customer)

custom internal notes

New features available in version v1.0.1

Order Follow-up Date

Custom Internal orders notes

Table dark mode

Configurable ability to copy any table cell by just click

Increasing fetch range limit to 4000 orders per request

BigCommerce Orders Analytics App

Orders Analytics is an application that can be installed on eCommerce platforms such as BigCommerce that combines speed, customers experience, engagement, good impression, optimization and simplicity in one friendly application.

What Issues Orders Analytics App Solve?

  • No ability to allow customers to check order status without account or without log-in.
  • Store support team are receiving a lot of calls and messages from customers asking about their orders status and updates.
  • No ability top notify prospective customers and visitors about recent purchase.
  • No ability to show store increase conversion rate.
  • No ability to create order tracking numbers.
  • No ability to display orders visually by geo-location.
  • No ability to reach orders message, customer message and orders staff notes quickly in the same single page.
  • No ability to export orders data and other related reports in multiple formats such as CSV, XLSX, JSON and XML.
  • No ability to search and filter data column in a very fast and easy way.
  • No ability to add custom follow-up order date.
  • No ability to add custom internal order notes.

Install on BigCommerce